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TMCNet:  Arivu announces partnership with Concordium for a blockchain-based ESG platform to eradicate greenwashing

[January 24, 2022]

Arivu announces partnership with Concordium for a blockchain-based ESG platform to eradicate greenwashing

LONDON, Jan. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Arivu and Concordium announce a partnership for an innovative blockchain-based ESG platform to tackle emerging ESG regulation and compliance challenges, and eradicate greenwashing. The partnership brings together the world's first compliance-ready, public blockchain and a powerful ESG reporting platform to facilitate auditable and trusted ESG disclosures across enterprises and their extended supply chain and customer ecosystems.

Concordium is deeply rooted in science and brings to the world tech advancements on all levels of the protocol, resulting in a sustainable, compliance-ready blockchain with great transaction speed. Arivu, a multifaceted blockchain-based platform, transforms complex data collation, audit and reporting by equipping enterprises with the ability and the incentives to own, prove and share trusted ESG and sustainability reporting data to a wide range of Net Zero transition stakeholders.

This partnership further increases Ariu's ESG technology solution leadership. "Building on Concordium moves us closer to greenwashing eradication, empowering enterprises to adapt to emerging sustainability metrics, and to achieve the highest standards of data trust in their transition to Net-Zero," said Matthew Nelson, founder of Arivu. "Together we offer customers greater efficiencies, collaboration tools and cost savings and thus significantly improve customer transitions to Net-Zero," added Matthew.

"Environmental and sustainability concerns have become a matter of survival. As a society, we must all do our part to promote sustainability practices in all we do, or face dire consequences. Arivu's mission is very much aligned to my own values and those of Concordium, and as such it is an honor that they chose to build their solution on our blockchain," said Lone Fønss Schrøder, CEO of Concordium.

About Arivu

Arivu prevents greenwashing by transforming the way companies own, prove and share ESG disclosure data. Arivu's sustainability disclosure framework provides a flexible data backbone and acts as middleware for managing ESG data inside enterprises and across third-party ecosystems of companies. Arivu's innovative use of distributed ledger blockchain technology dramatically improves efficiency and trust in data aggregation, audit and quality assurance and thus in reporting trusted ESG and sustainability disclosures.

About Concordium

Concordium is a public, proof-of-stake layer-1 blockchain with a unique ID layer at the protocol level, to ease regulatory compliance. Science-proven, Concordium has deployed a unique smart-contract environment with a fungible and non-fungible token standard. Concordium differs by offering nearly instantaneous, real finality with low transaction fees, stable in FIAT terms, expressed in CCD, its native token. For more information:


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