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TMCNet:  Uply Media, Inc Launches Beta Testing For Decentralized NFT Platform Marketplace

[November 22, 2021]

Uply Media, Inc Launches Beta Testing For Decentralized NFT Platform Marketplace

Uply Media, Inc is a leading company creating Blockchain Websites NFTs. Today announced their Beta testing launch for DigitalArt.Crypto, a decentralized NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) platform marketplace.

This is the world's first Blockchain Website NFT collectibles platform marketplace that is totally decentralized. Located on the acclaimed Ethereum Blockchain extension and offers minted value credibility. Providing an alternative solution for emerging NFT creators to be more easily found and discovered among less competition from big-name brands. Additionally, a Token will also be added to the NFT platform marketplace in 2022, following the Tokenomics supply and demand characteristics of cryptocurrency. Where early NFT creators will be rewarded for their contributions.

A powerful innovative concept that started from the origin of a Blockchain Domain NFT an the three most popular keywords search topic domain names. These three prominent search keywords by sequence order are "Digital Art Crypto" which brings a lifestyle experience to the Blockchain ecosystem. Setting up for premium branding success. Hosted on a dedicated IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) gateway.

"This is a major contribution to the Blockchain ecosystem, that is in line with our mission to deploy totally authentic decentralized platforms that add value," states Kyle Ransom, Uply Media, Inc's CEO, and Co-founder.

Developed to empower the emerging demand for digital art NFTs in 3D art, images, audio, video, and more by niche subject matter and characteristics. With plans in the future to also include NFTs for decentralized websites and Web 3.0 domain names.

Blockchain developers are invited to participate in Beta testing, please visit:

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