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Aegis Custody Service Helps Convert Assets Into NFTs

November 04, 2021

Decentralized finance has become a hot topic over the last year, largely due to rising popularity of both blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The highly secure nature of both technologies has inspired consumers to rethink their banking habits, as this new approach would allow international commerce to flourish without the assistance of traditional banking institutions.

One company that is capitalizing on this opportunity is Aegis Custody, a fintech startup based in Taiwan. Aegis recently released a new product called DigiQuick which allows users to convert their physical and digital assets into NFTs, which can then be traded freely among connected users. The company is able to achieve this by using smart contracts, which stores transnational records on the Ethereum public blockchain network.

Founder and CEO Serra Angel Wei believes DigiQuick could be an excellent alternative for investors looking to diversify in digital assets, stating in an interview with Taiwan News, ““DeFi enables asset transactions to become frictionless. Moreover, assets are made more liquid on blockchain,”

At the moment, Aegis has seen a high degree of interest in DigiQuick from legal entities like Amazon and Walmart, but could become an ideal investment approach for individuals as well. Wei has also stated that the Taiwanese government has demonstrated  interest in DigiQuick, as a possible medium for providing green energy loans to businesses.

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