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Heritage Global Partners Joins ViciNFT For NFT Services

September 02, 2021

Auction services and asset advisory company Heritage Global Partner recently revealed the formation of a new business alliance with ViciNFT Corporation, a blockchain-focused software development company, as well as a leading producer of non-fungible tokens(NFTs).

Blockchain by itself has been a major focal point in business and technology news over the last decade, largely due to the monumental rise in cryptocurrency investments. One of the most recent offspring of blockchain has been NFTs, offering consumers a completely new way to own and sell digital properties. Although the NFT industry is still in early stages of development, the market is currently valued around $2.5 billion.

“HGP is the marquee brand for enterprise auctions.” said Jon Fisher, Partner in ViciNFT Corporation.“This partnership has a number of notable pathways to growth, with significant revenue potential we’re well positioned to capture.”

As part of the new alliance between the two companies, Heritage will utilize ViciNFT’s digital asset management and engineer services to support the management of NFT auctions.

“HGP is excited to participate in cutting edge NFT auctions with a meaningful charitable component and buyers and sellers benefit from open and transparent HGP auction management.” commented Ross Dove, CEO of Heritage Global Inc.,“We look forward to long term collaboration with ViciNFT Corporation as the marketplace expands.”

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