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What's New in Enterprise Blockchain and Distributed Ledger? Find Out This Week at ITEXPO #TechSuperShow in Miami!

June 21, 2021

With many prior attempts to create digital currency failing, the creation of blockchain has allowed digital currencies to become much more reliable and immune to tampering. The Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) offers a decentralized database managed by multiple participants whilst the blockchain records information in an exceedingly secure and reliable system. Each block in the chain contains information on numerous transactions, and in response to each transaction, a record is added to each participant's ledger, encrypted by a cryptographic signature or hash.

With the excitement around enterprise blockchain becoming constant, innovative leaders and technologists have begun building and implementing a variety of live blockchain solutions to disrupt their localized industries while adapting to and capitalizing on market needs.

Collocated with Miami, Florida-based ITEXPO, The Blockchain Event will take place from June 22nd to 25th and aid decision-makers, technologists, and developers in understanding and utilizing the value of blockchain within their various industries. The conference will make use of a plethora of case studies, keynotes, and panel discussions to focus on:

  • Understanding the effects of blockchain in relation to business scenarios
  • How to successfully introduce, implement, and succeed with blockchain projects
  • Discussing practical use cases
  • Obtainable benefits as a result of investing in and implementing blockchain solutions
  • The future growth of blockchain in relation to the effects on businesses

Including other verticals within industries, the 2020 edition of The Blockchain Event will dedicate featured content on how blockchain is specifically disrupting the fintech market while helping to alter and create a fresh global economy.

Speakers include:

  • Jeremy Jordan-Jones - Chairman and CEO, Amalgam
  • Stephen Salloum - Chief Strategy Officer and Treasurer, Amalgam
  • Christine Busaba - Vice President and VP of Product, Amalgam
  • Fred Brandon - CEO, Brand New Technologies
  • Ajay Singh - CIO, DLT Labs
  • Eric Burger - Professor, Georgetown University
  • Naina Raisinghani - Product Manager, Google
  • Marc Taverner - Executive Director, International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications
  • Chris Bijou - CEO, Internet of Everything Corp
  • Scott Schwalbe - CEO/Co-Founder, NimbeLink
  • Mark Anstead - Director of Business Development, Numio
  • Steven Waterhouse - Co-Founder & CEO, Orchid
  • Steven McCaffrey - CTO, Provinti
  • Jack Saracco - Head of Partnerships and Business Development, Settle Network
  • Tim Watson - CEO, Smart Logistics
  • Ed Cabrera - Chief Cybersecurity Officer, Trend Micro
  • Shane Unfred - EVP, Business Development and Product Management, TSG Global
  • Nelson Nahum - CEO, Zadara
  • Harry Moseley - Global CIO, Zoom

 Learn more about The Blockchain Event HERE.

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