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GigLabs Launches Second Legion Studios to Focus on Blockchain Gaming After Success Of CryptoRome

April 09, 2019

In December of last year, Atlanta-based blockchain software solutions provider, GigLabs, announced the second major release of CryptoRome to further promote the adoption of blockchain technology within the gaming industry. The game which is built on the Ethereum blockchain uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs), creating a virtual economy for its growing community of players, managed by smart contracts. All in-game assets are uniquely designed by the developers as NFTs which give the players’ true ownership and real value.

Today, GigLabs reveal that they have launched their first new venture called Second Legion Studios which reinforces their commitment to CryptoRome and gaming on a broader level and will allow them to take investment, scale, and hire talent specifically for their growth in the blockchain gaming and eSports space.

GigLabs started off with a goal in mind; to develop new solutions and platforms making use of the potential that blockchain technology could bring. Many solutions and products have been built internally while working with partners to develop new and innovative blockchain solutions and tested in the market.

“One of our early products explored the gaming industry and the disruption blockchain technology could have on such a major industry. CryptoRome is the result of this exploration. CryptoRome is a gaming ecosystem, providing multiple games, innovations, and a social network to the members of this community,” states co-founder and CEO of GigLabs, Douglas Dimola.

Developer communities are embracing blockchain technology at an increasing pace, particularly within the gaming industry with a Dapp report from late last year that declared that 50% of decentralized application development on the Ethereum blockchain network came from the gaming industry.

Second Legion Studios is all about building the next generation of games by using the latest in technology to form the technical solutions to solve some of the biggest challenges faced in the industry with blockchain technology being at their core, enabling game developers to reach the full potential of Play-to Earn games which Second Legion Studios believe to be the next innovative business model in gaming.

“From our point of view, blockchain will be the next disruptive technology in gaming, creating a new business model for players and game companies alike: play-to-earn. With a very promising start with CryptoRome and big ideas for growth, the GigLabs team made the decision to form its first venture?—?Second Legion Studios.” Says Dimola.

The venture studio model enables Second Legion Studios to focus on creating and developing companies from initial internal ideas and solutions, which they seem to have in abundance.

“Tapping into our strengths in problem-solving, product creation, and go to market, along with capital we infused into the company, a venture studio model allows us to harness this ability and launch companies from our most successful ideas and products.” Dimola adds.

Second Legion Studios are still in the early stages but are actively seeking participation in building their ‘Legion’. People are encouraged to connect with them if they are a gamer, a games company that has interest in making their games blockchain ready, or have an interest in working with them and you can do so through their brand new website

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