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TMCNet:  Karoo Health Launches Proprietary Technology Platform to Supercharge Its Cardiac Value-based Care Model

[April 18, 2024]

Karoo Health Launches Proprietary Technology Platform to Supercharge Its Cardiac Value-based Care Model

AI-enriched platform transforms disparate data into actionable insights for care providers and partners, boosts patient engagement and access to care for improved outcomes at lower cost

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Karoo Health, the only operational provider of cardiac value-based care (VBC) enablement with published results, today launched, its proprietary cloud-based platform that augments the company's proven model of care (MoC) for cardiovascular healthcare providers, payers, and patients. The platform launch and 2024 roadmap are composed of the following modules:

  • FLOW is uniquely designed and A/B tested to drive Karoo Health's MoC workflow with seamless automation of tasks, interventions, and remote collection of patient data. It provides smart patient-facing components for program adherence and goals tracking while also enabling real-time patient alerts and self-scheduling capabilities.

  • INSIGHTS serves as a BI module leveraging advanced analytical techniques, machine-learning algorithms, and AI-driven predictive capabilities to transform data into actionable insights. These insights are made accessible to cardiology care network and payer partners, driving informed decision-making and improved outcomes.

  • DATA KORE leverages interoperability APIs to seamlessly integrate and source disparate data (clinical, claims, HIEs, etc.) critical for timely interventions in cardiac VBC. It offers secure and compliant data warehousing, encompassing both external and internal data sets, for efficient and timely reporting, as well as continuous model training and scalability for AI applications. empowers Karoo Health's MoC expansion across partner types, regions, and patients, enabling VBC for the right cardiac patients at the right time, driving optimal outcomes and educing cost of care.

A recent proof of concept conducted by Karoo Health with participating providers continues to reveal that 89% of eligible patients are converted to the Karoo Health's MoC, a 99% digital engagement rate is being achieved among enrolled patients, and 23% of patients are being diverted from at least one unnecessary ED visit. With industry-leading results already demonstrated, the implementation of will supercharge Karoo Health's MoC, allowing more patients to experience better outcomes and lower cost of care.

"We're further differentiating ourselves by using technology to supercharge our cardiac VBC model," said Karoo Health CEO and Cofounder Ian Koons. "Instead of building software and then trying to retrofit a care model around it, our initial goal was to perfect a value-based Model of Care that truly delivers results, and then build cutting-edge technology to amplify its strengths. does this, including AI components available now and the ability to integrate future AI at scale in our roadmap."

An example of the AI capabilities in is risk stratification, which analyzes vast amounts of patient data to identify patterns and predictors of cardiac health risks. uses these findings to identify patients at higher risk of adverse health outcomes, allowing providers to tailor interventions.

Seamlessly integrating dedicated on-site and virtual care teams with its proprietary technology platform in a unique wraparound care model, Karoo Health is the only operational cardiac VBC enabler with published results, improving patient outcomes and lowering the cost of treating cardiovascular disease. Karoo Health is a pioneer in the value-based healthcare services market, which is estimated at USD $1.63 trillion in 2024 and is expected to reach USD $3.77 trillion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of more than 18% during the forecast period.

About Karoo Health

Heart disease is currently the leading cause of death in the United States, with one person dying every 33 seconds due to cardiovascular illness. Employing an exclusive mix of specialized care teams and proprietary technology grounded in value-based principles, Karoo Health enables cardiology providers, networks, health plans, and at-risk primary care groups to seamlessly transition to, and succeed in, value-based care, and excel in outcomes-driven initiatives crucially required within the cardiac domain. For more information, visit the company at or connect with them on LinkedIn.

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